I’m not passionate about photography.

I know every bio on every photography page is supposed to say how passionate the photographer is about photography, but I’m not.

I enjoy photography. I’m very good at it. I’ve had a lot of education; I’ve been doing it for a long time; and it has been a blessing to me for 20 years now.

But I’m not passionate about it.

However, I do believe photography is a tool to improve, achieve, and benefit a lot of things I AM passionate about!

I’m passionate about relationships. I’m passionate about love, and families. I’m passionate about having families appreciate one another. I passionately believe we all need to be requested commanded to look up from our devices every once in a while and be present for one another.

Photography can be a tool for doing this.

I’m passionate about taking care of our kids.

Both as a family and as a “village.” I am heavily involved in this by serving on my school PTA board and being a den leader in Cub Scouts. I believe our children need to grow up strong, healthy, happy, and most of all, confident — knowing their beauty and knowing that their uniqueness is what makes them valuable to the world.

Photography can be a tool for doing this.

I’m passionate about people taking care of themselves…

…taking time to regenerate, to connect with the emotional, intuitive, and spiritual side of themselves. I believe in the worth of all persons, and I want people to see their worth, and how incredibly they are made.

Photography can be a tool for doing this.

I’m passionate about creation, about the sacredness of creation.

I love the outdoors. I love being in the outdoors, hiking, camping, climbing rocks, running, seeing animals, canoeing — you name it. I think that we take too much from creation in the name of having one more useless thing … one more trinket or geegaw that we see as the purchasable fulfillment of our deepest desires. It never works.

Photography works. Photography gives us a way of remembering what is truly valuable. Photography opens a window to our real treasures.

Photography isn’t THE THING. But it’s a window to THE THING. That’s what makes it valuable. It’s not the thing I’m passionate about. But for a way of capturing, preserving, harboring, enhancing, the things I’m passionate about …

You really can’t beat photography.