Guess what I’ve been doing today? Getting rid of some of the stuff we have accumulated in this house.

It seems like I’ve been focused on this for nearly seven years … ever since my husband and I got married.

It would have been different if I had gotten married at 18, or even 22. Then I would have been just leaving my parents house, or graduating college. Instead, we were in our early 30s, like a lot of couples these days. First, we merged two batches of dishes, towels, sheets, silverware, small appliances and various other odds and ends. Then, we added a whole other set: the traditional wedding gifts of kitchen stuff, linens and table settings.

It didn’t stop there. I inherited things from first one grandmother, then another. Then came the kids and a whole new set of gifts.

Which brings me to the idea of a photography gift registry. Because I can tell you one thing I will never throw away, and that’s my wedding pictures, as well as photos of my kids. I remember when my parents’ house burned in 2001. They lost a lot of things in that fire, but when I rushed down to Mississippi to be there for my family, the first thing my mom said was, “All my wedding photos are gone.”

Those are only a couple of reasons to consider registering for photo gifts for your wedding.

Maybe you’ve wished for a bigger wedding album, or more pages in your album. Or, you would like to add a bridal session to your basic package. Maybe you would really love to be able to afford a canvas gallery wrap, or one of those amazing new metal prints, or simply have a nice, professionally framed print for your new home.

All these options are available with the gift registry. Here’s how it works:

1. Book your wedding with Michelle Posey Photography.
2. You can let me know either at the booking appointment if you want to be part of the gift registry, or you can tell me at any time leading up to your wedding. I will add your names to the page (with a photo, if we have taken engagement photos) and add items for purchase based on your requests.
3. Send your guests the link to the Gift Registry page. We will provide complimentary gift registry cards, or you can simply add the link to your invitations or forward it to your guests.

Guests may also call me at 501-517-0962 to order items from your gift registry.

Available from the Wedding Gift Registry:

  • Gift Certificates
  • Album upgrade
  • Additional album sides
  • Additional albums or parent books
  • Proof box
  • Specific products from the online gallery, such as gallery wraps, gift items, or framed prints. Browse the sample gallery to see what’s available!

Gift certificates may be used towards any product or service, including paying for your wedding day coverage. Album upgrades will be priced according to your existing wedding package.

Look for the gift registry page to be available on the website next week. Please call or email me if you would like to add your names to the gift registry!