“I see you.”

The text came through from my friend as I was driving to see him. “I feel you because I see you.” Like some of my wonderful empathic friends can do, he had managed to somehow divine what I was doing at that exact moment.

It made me feel amazing and wonderful and loved. And then it made me want to turn around and drive back home. As I was driving home, after my visit, I started to want some time “away.” I stopped to hike, to disappear into the woods.

I wanted to be seen. I’ve wanted that for years, but I then I wanted to disappear. Why?

We do all want to be seen, but there’s something else that pulls us back into hiding.

What if I’m not good enough? What if I show my rawest, most emotional side and I wind up being rejected? What if I bare my heart and it winds up being torn out and trampled on?

What then?

I think many of us long to be seen, but our instinct for hiding comes in strong. We are worried that we aren’t wonderful enough, attractive enough, strong enough. We’re not “enough” of something. This creates all kinds of problems as we attempt to compensate in one way or another: we become a workaholic so we can have enough money; we have eating disorders so we can be thin enough; we spend too much on clothes so we can be fashionable enough … and on and on and on.

But what if we were seen for the person that, deep down, we know ourselves to be? What if all the wonderful parts of us came together in one story, that we could return to every day.

This all came to me as I’m putting together The Portrait Event. It’s a campaign of sorts and while of course I have to market it, it isn’t a marketing campaign. It’s a campaign of seeing, of acknowledging the wonder in the individual.

What if we were seen? What is we got the chance to be who we really are, for a few moments: our best selves, and kept getting to return to that over and over?

Would the fear leave us? As more and more people saw that photo on our walls, as we shared it with more and more people, wouldn’t we become more of that wondrous person?

This is a human campaign, a campaign to do my little part in pushing you forward towards your good. Want to join? Here’s the form:


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