Investment in YOU

by | Aug 23, 2016 |


We create premium artwork for our clients that will give them joy for a lifetime. Because each person is different, every experience is customized to reflect what you love, your home, and your style. With such a wide range of options, we don’t presume to tell you what you need until we have gotten to know you a little bit. Once we have discussed your desires, we can then give you a pretty accurate idea of what you might like to spend. We are always happy to talk with you and will never surprise you or leave you in the dark about what you might spend.


We also customize our wedding packages to meet our client’s needs. Every wedding package includes a premium album, made in Italy, which is the top of the line product offered by the world’s most elite photographers. To allow our couples to relive their best day, we also recommend premium wall art. We can offer some flexibility with wedding packages, but most couples will spend $3000 or more on their wedding photography.


In keeping with other commercial photographers, we offer a day rate and half day rate. We are also able to offer an hourly rate for smaller jobs. We would love to talk to you and find out which best suits your needs, so you are neither overspending or skimping on excellence in the final product.  All commercial photography includes licensing of photos for use by the business or organization. For additional use by other entities (such as if you are featured in a magazine), we are happy to offer additional licensing if requested.