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Mariposa Studio

The Fine Art of Joy

In the now, in this very moment, is all you need. It is your connection with eternity. It is your connection with Love, Peace, Joy.

Photography is the art of the Now Moment.

The best kind of photographic experience invites to to live in this very moment, to enjoy the blessings you have in the Now — NOW being the only moment in which is truly possible to experience our blessings.

The Portrait Experience that Brings Joy

It’s why we speak of the “photographic experience.” Because what we do goes far beyond simply hitting a shutter. We invite you to be present, to be whole and complete, at least for a few moments. To revel in what you love, what is unique and lovely in your life.

What is that most precious thing? What is the look, the gesture, the symbol, of your greatest love? Our experience invites you on a journey of discovery, invites you to be present for the most wonderful parts of your life, and then creates a treasure trove of artwork for you to continue to connect with those feelings, so that you can enjoy them for the rest of your life.

Has it been too long since you experienced that connection? In today’s world, many of us rush through life to get to that ideal destination, only to find we’re still dissatisfied when we get there. That’s because what we need is here, now. That’s the only place to find it, but once it’s found, once that connection is made, once you have touched eternity, no one can take that away from you.

If you have a yearning … if nothing you’ve ever bought, yet, has satisfied that emotional need, then maybe it’s not things that you need. Maybe it’s connection. Maybe it’s emotion. Maybe it’s being present.

That’s what we do.

Our Services:

Senior Photos

We could go out and shoot the senior photos everyone else does … but we’d rather celebrate what’s unique about you! It’s a chance to declare to the world who you really are, without reservation.

Forever Sessions

A session to celebrate love, whether it’s new or seasoned! Whether you are newly engaged, celebrating an important anniversary, welcoming a new family member, or simply want to re-ignite that flame, Forever Sessions will bring you closer and give you time to celebrate what makes your love special!

Family Photos

Every family deserves to be celebrated! We want to help you celebrate the connections you share and the love you hold for each other! (Note: Family to us includes mom, dad and fur babies, mom(s) and fur babies, or dad(s) and fur babies! You don’t have to be parents or even married to be a family!)

Fur Babies

Your Fur-Ever children deserve to be celebrated too! We create artwork that will always remind you of the love you share with those special members of your family!

Power Portraits

Maybe it’s photos for your website, for corporate speaking engagements, engaging with your clients or simply for discovering yourself and feeling fabulous! Individual portraits are an incredible investment in yourself!

Our Process: The Mariposa Studio Experience
Making You the Star of Your Photos


We’ve replaced the “portrait consultation” with a guided process of discovering what’s beautiful and meaningful in your life.

Custom Photo Session

We take what we’ve discovered and craft it into a custom experience centered around what you love the most.

Personalized Design Consult

Our design expertise is at your disposal for this cinematic presentation of your photos, where we waste no time in crafting and ordering your artwork.

Premium Artwork

The artwork we create brings you joy for a lifetime, and is the envy of all who see it in your home!


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