The Mariposa Studio Portrait Experience

All about YOU.

We could start this website by doing what everyone else does … telling you how fabulous we think we are. But that’s not the Mariposa Studio difference.

The Mariposa Studio difference is that we think you’re the most important person in this experience.

They are YOUR photos.

It is YOUR family. YOUR fur babies.

That’s why we start every experience with hearing from you. With listening to what is important to you.

Our initial consultation starts the process of creating something that you will love, that is perfect and beautiful and will be loved and displayed proudly. No sales pitch, no pressure, just a lovely conversation to see if we can create something that you will treasure for a lifetime.

And if that sounds like a great idea, you can get started right away, by booking your no-cost, no-obligation appointment to talk with us!

What our clients are saying:

Our Process: The Mariposa Studio Experience
Making You the Star of Your Photos


We’ve replaced the “portrait consultation” with a guided process of discovering what’s beautiful and meaningful in your life.

Custom Photo Session

We take what we’ve discovered and craft it into a custom experience centered around what you love the most.

Personalized Design Consult

Our design expertise is at your disposal for this cinematic presentation of your photos, where we waste no time in crafting and ordering your artwork.

Premium Artwork

The artwork we create brings you joy for a lifetime, and is the envy of all who see it in your home!

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