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What is Your Happy?
Artwork of what makes you happy.

So you can be happy every day.

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Your Happiness Matters

Your happiness matters. When you create photos of what make you happy, it matters that you get to see them every day. Your happiness isn’t optional. Having your photos in front of you every day to remind you of what makes you happy — that shouldn’t be optional either.

You don’t get portraits taken only to have a disc lie unused in a drawer.

You get portraits made because something is important — important enough to celebrate! 

We create amazing artwork that’s captures your personalities, enhances your decor, that will be the envy of every visitor to your home, and that will make you happy again, every time you see it.


Featured Clients


Mika came in for a 16th birthday present. We created photos for her that celebrate her buoyant personality. Read more …


Roux may be getting older, but he was a bundle of energy when he came into the studio. Read more …

Bhakti and Rishi

Bhakti and Rishi celebrated their love story as they awaited the birth of their first child. Read more …

Powers Family

The Powers Family photo shoot was the ultimate celebration of life. Read more …


Jessica’s mom has already seen her daughter do great things … and this is only the beginning. Read more …


Once, a long time ago, Nike was small enough to fit inside a tennis shoe. More …
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Making You the Star of Your Photos


We’ve replaced the “portrait consultation” with a guided process of discovering what’s beautiful and meaningful in your life. Read more!

Custom Photo Session

We take what we’ve discovered and craft it into a custom experience centered around what you love the most. Read more!

Personalized Design Consult

Our design expertise is at your disposal for this cinematic presentation of your photos, where we waste no time in crafting and ordering your artwork! Read more!

Premium Artwork

The artwork we create brings you joy for a lifetime, and is the envy of all who see it in your home! Read more!

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Want to learn the secrets of how to decorate your home with artwork that celebrates your loved ones and fits perfectly with your decor? Get our PDF design guide here!

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