Spring Comes: A Milestone


A year ago I came back from a race. Had a normal week planned. I would rest, because it was a really long race (100 miles in fact). Then I would get back to work, and things would go back to normal as they always did.

That hasn’t happened.

A photography business is considered non-essential. I wrapped up the last few clients and by the end of the week, I was hunkering down, along with the rest of the world, to wait out the coronavirus pandemic, wait for the virus to subside.

That hasn’t happened, either.

Like most people, I have done some soul-searching this year. I have gone through stages. I think we have all, in a sense, gone through the stages of grief this year.

Even though I was aware of the pandemic by the end of February, I was in denial. I have too many friends in the medical field to not be aware of stuff like this, but I told myself it would pass; it wouldn’t affect me personally.

A quick text to a friend just before the race asking if the media was just making a big deal of this. A quick response: a link to a story about what was, already, happening in Italy.

Italy is where all of my beautiful photographic artwork is carefully crafted: boxes of prints, canvas, metal and acrylic wall art, lovingly put together into something that is unequaled anywhere else in the world. I read the article.

The next week my lab had to close.

Life was not going to be the same, obviously. Would I be able to keep the studio? I started to worry.

The kids were still in school, and to ease my boredom, I picked some of the newly blooming Spring flowers and photographed them in the studio, trying to create art to keep the scary world at bay.

“Spring Came Anyway” I called it. It was my first attempt at dealing with this big unknown, this pandemic, this world event.

Spring is coming, again. Life has changed dramatically. I have worked from home, and discovered that I love it. From fearing that I would lose the studio, I have moved to loving my little basement office, having my dog sit at my feet while I edit, taking breaks to walk or bake bread.

Spring is here. Spring comes. The world turns, and turns again. We are still here. We have lost, and we have endured, and we have grieved. But here is Spring, again. So celebrate what we still have, and create a hope for a future. And love now, because this year has proven that we never now what tomorrow brings.

And enjoy the flowers.

Studio Art Flower
Studio Art Dandelion seeds
Studio Art Flower
Studio Art Flower black backdrop