I’m not passionate about photography.


I know every bio on every photography page is supposed to say how passionate the photographer is about photography, but I’m not.

I enjoy photography. I’m very good at it. I’ve had a lot of education. I’ve been doing it for a long time, and it has been a blessing to me for 20 years now.

But I’m not passionate about it.

I’m passionate about relationships. I’m passionate about love, and families. I’m passionate about having families appreciate one another.

More than anything I’ve come to realize I’m passionate about stories, because it is our stories that define us. They teach us strength, love, courage, resilience, ideals, values. Every family has its stories; ever person has their stories; and it is those stories that determine the direction of our life.

It’s crucial that we tell ourselves the right stories: the ones that inspire, that warm our hearts, that give us courage in desperate times.

For this, photography is the best tool I know.

Passionate about Family

I’m passionate about treasuring our kids

Both as a family and as a community. I believe our children need to grow up strong, healthy, happy, and most of all, confident — knowing their beauty and knowing that their uniqueness is what makes them valuable to the world.

Stories are our real legacy to our children. From us, they learn to talk to themselves about the world. From us, they learn the character expected of them — hopefully the best person that they are capable of being.

Telling the best story of our children is crucial.

Photography can be a tool for doing this.

Passionate about People

I’m passionate about people being their best selves…

…taking time to regenerate, to connect with the emotional, intuitive, and spiritual side of themselves. I believe in the worth of all persons, and I want people to see their worth, and how incredibly they are made.

I believe that at any point in life, a person can change their story. They can see their strength, connect with the greatest parts of their nature. At 46, I started a tremendous change that resulted in losing 75 pounds, lifting myself out of depression and sickness and releasing myself from a damaging relationship.

I found instead a person capable of running a 100-mile race, of growing a business, and of inspiring others, but only after I changed my image of myself and my capabilities.

Photography can be a tool for doing this.

Passionate about Other Living Things



I love the outdoors. I love being in the outdoors, hiking, camping, climbing rocks, running, seeing animals, canoeing — you name it. I think that we take too much from creation in the name of having one more useless thing … one more trinket or geegaw that we see as the purchasable fulfillment of our deepest desires. It never works.

Essentially, we need different stories from the ones our culture tells us: the story that you will be happy when you have more trinkets, more clutter.

We need a way to focus our eyes on what truly matters. We need a different story.

Photography can be a tool for doing this.

Photography works. Photography gives us a way of remembering what is truly valuable. 

Photography opens a window to our real treasures.

Photography isn’t THE THING. But it’s a window to THE THING.

Which is: Love.

That’s what makes it valuable. It’s not the thing I’m passionate about. But for a way of capturing, preserving, harboring, enhancing, the things I’m passionate about …

 Photography  is perfect … so