Professional Head Shots in Downtown Little Rock

In a digital world, your professional head shot is often the first glimpse of you that your clients or potential employers will get. 

We’ve all heard that “you never get a second chance to make a first impression.” Make your first impression say exactly what you need it to say with a professional head shot from Mariposa Studio.

We don’t have a “standard” look and we won’t treat you like a number. Each business is different and each person brings a different set of talents and abilities to their job. We believe it’s important that your headshot truly represents you, and we want to take a moment to get to know you and your character so we can help you put your best foot forward when making that first impression.

We also know that you don’t do just one thing! You might be a banker who coaches runners, a lawyer who has a comedy act, an insurance guy who has a comedy act. Our goal is to help you with all your goals.

Other important stuff:

• Our turnaround time for head shots is measured in minutes, not days.

• We allow you to proof on-site so that you know you are happy with your head shot before we send it over.

• We are happy to offer advice in styling.

• We have a partner business that can provide hair and makeup at a very reasonable cost.

It’s never too soon to be more hire-able, promote-able, or popular with your clients and investors! Call 501-517-0962 and let’s get started planning your future!