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Your photos deserve to be on display in a way that accents your home and gives you joy each time you see them. We created our collections to enhance the look of your home and coordinate with the most common sizes of furniture. We can help you create a photographic art piece that will become an heirloom for future generations.

Solutions: Rhonda

Rhonda is a new grandmother who is in love! She wanted to create something to remember this time in her grandson’s life. We created a mini album for her with 24 of her favorite photos. At only $35 per photo, the mini album is one of our best values! Total cost: only $720.

Baby J was a little old for a newborn session, so our planning was around his adorable smiles and growing engagement with the world. Rhonda loves the fact that he is old enough to interact with her and her husband, to hold their fingers, make eye contact, and smile back at them. Her heart melts with his smiles, and one of her favorite photos was a picture of J holding onto her hand.

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