A Family Photo Session Tailored to your Unique Family

Our aim is to be the go-to photographers for all families, traditional and non-traditional

We love to learn about your family, to understand those valued relationships, and to help create something that will tell your unique story in a way that will keep you laughing, loving, reminiscing, delighting in each other.

Family photo sessions should be fun! You’re invited to joke, play, enjoy each other’s company. We don’t just take photos … we give you a unique chance to value each other, to celebrate your family relationships, to rejoice in this amazing, beautiful, sometimes chaotic experience that is family!

There is never a wrong time for family photos, but many of us put off this experience for one reason or another. Mariposa Studio is here to help things go smoothly, and to make sure that none of your fears about a family photo session come to pass! We want to make family sessions a dream and a celebration.