FAQ: Pet Portraits

Q. I’m concerned that my dog doesn’t behave well enough for photos. How do you get the dogs to do what you want them to do?

A. Since our portraits are about capturing the true essence of your pet, we aren’t stressing about how they “behave.” You love your pet for who he or she is, and we love that too! Is your dog the active type who loves to jump for a ball? We will capture that! Is your dog sweetness who adores obeying your every command? We will capture that … and anything in between.

Q. Can I be in the photos? Or is it just photos of pets?

A. There is nothing we love better than to capture the relationship between humans and their fur babies! We would love for you to be in the photos!

Q. I have a black dog/cat. Aren’t they difficult to photograph?

A. Black pets are our favorite! You will think we’re crazy when we put them against a black background … then you will think we are miracle workers when you see the true work of art that results.

Q. I have an active dog. Do you do photos outdoors instead of in the studio?

A. We do in-studio and on location photos. We do love the look of the studio, and the studio is set up for active dogs. It’s a safe place where pets can’t run away, where we can let them explore and be themselves. But if you’d rather, we will happily tailor a session to your pet by photographing on location.

Q. I have a fearful pet who doesn’t do well in strange places. Is that a problem?

A. Not at all! For pets who would be uncomfortable in our studio, we recommend an on-location session. We never want any pet to be miserable or scared during their photo session.

Q. What about cats?

A. We have the occasional exceptionally calm or bold cat who is happy to explore our studio, but for many cats home is the most comfortable space, and so that’s where we do our session. We do what works — what works for you and for your pet’s comfort.

Q. What about other pets?

A. I love ALL pets … and I do mean all. I adore snakes, and I’ve been told tarantulas are “sweet.” If you love your pet and want photos, I will do my best to capture that special relationship. From horses, cows and sheep, to rodents and spiders, if you treasure your pet, we want to create photos for you!