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Why Choose Mariposa? (FAQ)

by | Aug 24, 2017

What's so special about what you do? Don't all photographers claim to tell stories?

Most photographers tell stories, yes. But the majority of photographers who tell stories tell them from the photographer’s perspective. We go to great lengths to know you well enough that we can see things from YOUR perspective. This makes the photographs so meaningful, truly customized to our clients. In the process, we find our clients even learn new things about themselves or their loved ones that makes their life much richer!

What do you mean by "artwork"?

We create beautiful art pieces for our clients that they are proud to display on their walls. This ties directly into our desire to tell stories, because we believe that the stories that are important to you, are important enough that you will love to see them every day, when you wake, when you walk through the door, when you have dinner, or just simply moving through your day.

How does all this work? What can I expect?

It starts with a simple chat. We like to talk on the phone because that’s more convenient for everyone, but we can arrange an in-person talk as well in the studio. We learn about you, then about your home, so that we can design something that truly fits your story, your taste, and your lifestyle. When we know beyond a doubt that we can create something you will truly love, THEN we schedule your session and continue the process of learning about you and your loved ones. After the session, we spend a few minutes creating a special presentation of your photos. Then comes the premiere! This is when we create an extra-special experience of viewing your photos for the first time. We also create and order your artwork, all conveniently on the same day of your session!

How much will it cost?

Good question! Trying to tell you an answer right now would be like trying to predict how much you will spend before you even walk in your favorite store! Will this be the day you see something you love? That said, when we set out to create something that is designed for you, start to finish, we can almost guarantee you WILL love it! This makes for an incredible shopping experience — one that is completely tailoried to you! It’s just like going into the dress store and having everything fit, flatter you beyond belief, be your specific style and favorite color, and make you feel your most amazing, gorgeous self! That’s why, with every client, we quote for a specific piece of artwork that we feel will be truly breathtaking in your home, and make you happy every time you see it. Of course you could wind up wanting something other than what we quoted, and that’s why we have a wide array of products to choose from that honor and preserve your stories in the most beautiful ways possible!

What is a Premiere? What's involved, and who needs to be there?

The Premiere, or design consultation, is not an afterthought — it’s the most important part of the entire experience! At this point, we’ve “done our stuff” and it’s time for you to do your stuff, and give us your input to create what you came in for: beautiful artwork that will bless you through the rest of your life and become an heirloom for your family, something that will likely even be passed down to generations to come. For this reason, it is of supreme importance that all decision makers be present at the premiere. We make this easy by holding the premiere directly following the studio session, and closely following almost every location session.

If, for some reason, it’s impossible to have all decision makers present at the initial meeting, additional premieres may be scheduled for a $75 holding deposit to secure your time on the calendar. This deposit is credited towards your artwork, but is forfeited if the premiere has to be further rescheduled or cancelled.

Do you ever have mini sessions?

At Mariposa Studio, we believe in giving our clients the full experience. The session itself is the smallest part of that, and can proceed quickly when we do the rest of our job the right way! That means getting to know you, carefully curating your photos for you, and then guiding you through the process of creating artwork. So if you’re strapped for time, the most efficient way to the goal is through the Mariposa Studio experience!

We do offer a number of events throughout the year, and even weekly events such as Fur Baby Fridays where on Fridays we waive the session fee for any pets out there that need to be photographed! You might even find yourself in possession of one of our Luxury Photography Gift Certificates, which will cover your session fee and leave you extra money to spend towards your photographic artwork!