When I first talked to Bhakti her voice was full of joy, and that’s not a surprise. She considers herself one of the luckiest women in the world.

It seems strange to most Americans, but Bhakti and Rishi’s parents arranged their relationship and eventual marriage. They met and got to know each other, but also trusted their parents to know what was best. Both them are certain now that their parents were right!

Bhakti’s favorite part of the day is when the pair are home together at the end of a work day and Rishi makes tea or coffee and brings it to her. They sit together and talk, maybe read to the baby, and he reaches out and takes her hand.

Oh, did I say BABY? Yes, the couple are expecting a new addition to the family very soon, which is why they came in for photos. The photos show the tenderness that Bhakti told me about over the phone, as well as a young couple with a beautiful family life ahead of them.

Click any photo below to enter the gallery, and then below that, see the beautiful album they ordered. I’ve also included my favorite layout from the album, which tells that story of Rishi bringing tea at the end of the day.

Here’s the beautiful album spread that tells the story of their quiet evenings together, which I’m sure they will soon look back on with a bit of nostalgia!