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I’m thinking about my friends today.

With the outbreak of Covid-19, small businesses are wondering about the future. Especially for relatively new businesses, we may not have had the luxury of putting aside several months worth of operating expenses. We are facing uncertain times and many are wondering how we will make it through them.

 We can all fall together, or we can all rise together.

In an effort to support local businesses and to drive sales, not at my own business, but at the businesses my friends own, I’m implementing a small business matching program.

 For every dollar you spend at one of my partner businesses, I will match it dollar for dollar with studio credit, up to the amount of $200.

You can spend the entire $200 at one business, or spread it among several businesses. Message, text or email your receipt and I’ll add the amount to your personal account, to spend in whatever way you want as soon as you are ready!

Visit our Facebook Page daily to see the featured businesses.

Remember that to a local businessperson, you are never just a number or a faceless online order. Large corporations will be getting bailout packages, no fear, but your local businesses face a much more uncertain future! Let’s all do whatever we can to help.


Links to local small businesses we have featured

While I am  NOT limiting the matching program to businesses we have featured, I have highlighted a number of businesses on my page. Here are some links which I will attempt to keep updated as the situation changes.

PHD Argenta Day Spa – the governor has ordered all day spas to close, so go to their gift certificate menu and give yourself something to look forward to when this is all over!

Whit’s End (KonMari consultant) – while we are social distancing, she is providing 30-minute video consultations to help clients who are stuck at home with their clutter!

The Dreamy Spoon – They can still deliver! Buy yourself an Isolation Cake (or pie)

Sherwood Florist and Every Blooming Thing and Maumelle Florist and Every Blooming Thing – They have the largest delivery coverage area in central Arkansas.

Nexus Coffee and Creative – They can do curbside delivery if you are missing your yummy morning coffee and baked goods!

Bella Vita Jewelry – Visit their online store while their downtown Little Rock location is closed. But when this is all over, definitely go see one of the coolest stores in this area!

Argenta Nutrition – They will deliver! Or pick up at their location in North Little Rock. My recommendation is the immune boost. It’s great stuff and we need all the help we can get!