Maternity Photography celebrates the art of creating new life

Expectant mothers are beautiful, and we want to celebrate the wonder and joy of this unique time in your life!

There is nothing in a woman’s life quite like that time of nurturing a new life. The miracle of pregnancy is a gift that deserves to be celebrated.

I want to get personal for a moment here. During my pregnancies, but especially my second (and last) pregnancy, I desperately wanted a photographer who could capture this time in my life. I knew it would likely be my last pregnancy, and during pregnancy, for the first time in my life, I had complete joy about my body and what it was doing.

But I also wanted a photographer I could trust, in two ways: a photographer I felt comfortable with, but also a photographer I knew could represent this occasion as true, beautiful art. At the time I knew most of the photographers in the state, and yet I couldn’t think of anyone who qualified.

My sole aim in maternity photos is to create something that you will love, that will give you joy in years to come, and that will make your little one, as he or she grows up, know how much love, joy and anticipation heralded their arrival in this world!

The Mariposa Studio Guarantee

You Will Love Your Photos ... Or We Refund Your Session Fee

Why do we do things the way we do, with a low up-front session fee and no packages? Because we are 100 percent committed to knowing that you will leave our studio with ONLY what you love ... and nothing you don't. This is so important to us that if we fail, we will refund your session fee, even if we have already done your session.