My first session of 2018 was right after I got back from visiting my mom in Mississippi. Beautiful Mika came into the studio to do some of the same kind of glamour photos her mom had done last year.

The photos were to be a birthday present so she could see herself on the wall every day.

Mika’s mom, Yone, told me how proud she is to see her daughter’s accomplishments in running, and how determined she is to improve. Yone, herself a runner, is thrilled to be able to see her daughter working so hard at something, and to be able to offer support.

During our photo shoot, Mika was a natural in front of the camera. The confidence that her mom had told me about was certainly apparent!

Click any image below to launch the gallery and see how we caught Mika’s sparkle!

Given so many beautiful photos, the selection and creation of Mika’s wall art took some time, but we finally settled on the collection above to grace her walls and be a daily reminder of how amazing Mika is!