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You asked,  I heard!

Last year on my 50th birthday I took some photos in the studio and posted them on Facebook. My friends and clients soon let me know that they would also love the chance to come into the studio and be fabulous.

To get this started, of course we need to be able to showcase what this will look like! We also have an extra special bonus! We are partnering with PHD Argenta Day Spa to have a full experience. You will be able to choose from a short menu of services including hair, makeup, mini-mani, and more, to get pampered and look your very best before heading over to our studio for your personalized photographic experience centering around YOU — your accomplishments, what makes you excited, the best of your character, proudest moments, etc.

We expect it will be a life-changing experience, which is why we’re calling them Transform Sessions.

Right now we’re seeking two or three people who can get this ball rolling for us. We can’t choose everybody … not just yet! But we hope that one or two of our amazing friends and clients can help us test-drive this experience.

What you’ll get: planning for your photo shoot that will explore and celebrate the bet parts of who you are, help with stylying and clothing choices, pampering from PHD Argenta Day Spa, a personalized photo shoot at Mariposa Studio, an in-person review of your photos immediately after your session, and $150 to spend towards your photographic artwork.

As always we’re delighted to help design one of our fabulous pieces of wall art, because we truly believe an amazing person like you deserves to be honored in a timeless portrait that you love.

Interested? Fill out the contact information below and we will be in touch.


Transform Sessions