Nimrod was a puppy when he was rescued from a gas station near Lake Nimrod.

Only three days after he was found, he was playing on the rural property where his new family lived, and came back with a fish hook in his lip, requiring an extra trip to the vet.

So, he got the name “Nimrod.”

“But, it’s appropriate,” says dad Robert. “Nimrod also means ‘hunter,’ so it’s a good name for a dog like him.”

That was about 12 years ago. Robert says he has been a great dog — after a trip to obedience school as a rambunctious puppy.

“Nimrod loves everybody, especially kids,” Robert says. When he is with his dad’s running friends, he makes the rounds to get petted by anyone who will pet him.

“He’s protective. We had somebody break in the house one time when we were in the country, and he happened to be in the house. The door was partially open, and they took nothing, and Nimrod was sitting in the door when when we came home. He did not let anybody else come in, obviously.”

The first thing in the morning, and the first thing when Robert gets home, he has to have his hug. He doesn’t calm down until he gets his hug and a good scratch, but then he’s fine.

Now he and his dad are two guys living by themselves and Nimi is there every day at the end of the day to greet Robert. He’s a great companion. “He’s always got love for you, always got attention,” Robert says. “I love this dog to death.”


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