Stephen is, for the record, one of the most fun people you could ever meet in business. If you think meetings are boring, you’ve never sat through one with Stephen. One simple comment full of his dry humor can transform a group from boring to fun. I was fortunate enough to be in a networking group with him when these photos were taken, and our weekly meetings were full of hilarity. He was a favorite of the group and when he changed jobs and had to leave the group, we felt his absence.

Now when I use his photos for promotion, such as for my head shot events, I get lots of people passing by and pointing out his photo. We collaborated on the look of these to capture true personality and fun, and the result was a head shot that stops people in their tracks.

So, what if your head shot stops people in their tracks?

Employers for instance?


Do you think it’s worth it, then, to create a professional, personalized head shot experience?

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