It was a few months after the tornado came through that I photographed the family above.

They were building a new house. Their old one had been almost completely destroyed. It had been a trying time. There had been a lot of uncertainty. There was, of course, fear.  But the tragedy also had its gifts … among them a simple appreciation for being alive, together.

We are now, collectively, going through a trying time, a disaster that is both collective and personal. But this time, too, will have its gifts.

“Remember How This Feels” is a documentary project that asks, “What gifts has this era of COVID-19 given to you?”

As you endure social distancing, a new way of doing things, of relating, what have you found that you would like to keep?

If you or someone in your family works from home, has there been a positive side to that?

Who have you learned to appreciate more? Who are you talking with more often? Who are you spending more time with?

This documentary project begins now, and will continue even as we make the shift back to something that looks more like the life we are used to.

The hope is, that we will keep the valuable things that we have found during this time, whether it be a new closeness with someone, more family time, more snuggle time with pets, more time outdoors … whatever your gift has been from this era, I want to celebrate it with a reminder.

Photos will be displayed in a collection/celebration on my website, and, if possible, published in book form.

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