Little Rock’s Fine Art Senior Portraits

A senior photo session tailored to unique you

You aren’t like everyone else. You set your own path, create your own way, and you want your senior pictures to reflect that. You aren’t interested in cookie-cutter senior photos. Neither are we.

Your senior portraits are meant to be not only a celebration of what you have achieved, who you’ve become … but a declaration to the world of the possibilities that lie ahead.

At Mariposa Studio, we listen. And, we work closely with you and your family to craft a work of art that celebrates your relationships as well as your individualism, your dreams as well as your accomplishments.

These photos are going to give you a look at your best self, remind your family of all the things they love and are proud of, and serve as an encouragement as you take on the world.

Seeing these photos in front of you every day can be just the mood boost you need as you face the larger challenges ahead.

Your photos can do this — as long as they are created with the goal of showcasing your best self, of telling the continuing story of your big plans, talents, and aspirations.

The first step is easy: talk to us and tell us what is special about you!

Planning Your Senior Portrait Experience

The best senior pictures don’t just happen by accident. We make sure you get the most out of your portrait session by seeking your input in the planning for your portraits.

We start by inviting you and your family into the studio — not to talk about what we offer, but to hear what you have in mind.

The meeting itself is a celebration of you and your achievement … a chance for you and your family to mark a milestone in your lives. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime portrait session, and we want to do everything we can to make it amazing!

It’s an experience like no other … and that’s all before we get to the fun of the session itself!

Jessica’s Senior Portrait Experience

Jessica’s mom had heard such great things about us from her boss at the school where she worked, that she asked us to come to Natchez, Mississippi for Jessica’s portrait session.

During our first conversation, we learned that for the first few years of her life, Jessica was the only child of a single mother, and they became close in a special way. Jessica’s mom described the look that she knew when Jessica was listening carefully to her. She described a person who loved both books and nature, who was quiet but bold, who marched to the beat of her own drummer.

To make it an even more special experience, the family was planning to move away from the town where Jessica grew up, as her stepdad had accepted a job in another city.

We chose to highlight Jessica’s love of reading and the outdoors by picking some very special locations around Natchez, including a spreading oak with branches all the way down to the ground. We also went to a site overlooking the Mississippi River, with a very Southern pavilion and a view of a broad expanse of the Mississippi. “This is our beach,” they told me.

The result was a senior book that was not only a celebration of Jessica, but of a city the family had loved.

But to Jessica’s mom, the best part of the experience was getting to talk about her daughter, to celebrate the relationship they had and the daughter she loved. “[My boss] had said you would ask questions, and it was going to be great … but this is better than I ever imagined.”