We commit ourselves to providing the best service for our clients, in the best way we know how to serve. Our commitment to you is to take the time and effort to know you, so that you can have both the most amazing experience and the most meaningful photos possible.


Every effort we make is with this end goal in mind. Every policy we have created is to serve our clients, not ourselves. That is the abiding principle by which we run our studio and is reflected in the following:


  1. It is our policy to talk with each and every person before the session. We can’t photograph you in the way you would want to be photographed, if we know nothing about you!
  2. It is our policy to reserve time for you after the session for a design party so that we can offer our time and expertise to making sure you get lasting artwork, that is exactly what you want! During this time, we expect all family decision makers to be present so as not to put any one of our clients in the untenable position of creating something amazing and then being unable to make the final decision.
  3. In the case of additional family members wanting to purchase artwork (grandparents, divorced parents, etc.) we are pleased to make an additional design party available for a small booking fee. This entire fee goes towards the purchase of artwork during their design party!
  4. We reserve a time for your session when the booking deposit, session fee, or wedding deposit is paid. Sessions are booked on a first come, first served basis. Out of respect for our other clients, we start on time. We are committed to staying in touch with our clients so as to remove any barriers to you being ready for your session!
  5. We are delighted to be able to offer gift certificates in a variety of ways. In order to continue this process, we ask that the following be observed:
    1. If a gift certificate is purchased at a discount, we are unable to refund more than the amount paid. We do have records of payments!
    2. If you purchase a gift certificate that you are unable to use, it MUST be returned to the studio before a partial refund can be given.
    3. Donated gift certificates are not redeemable for cash at any time. We recommend that you pass it on to someone who is able to use it. Gift certificates may NEVER be SOLD to a third party. This invalidates the gift certificate.
  6. Per U.S. copyright law, the copyright of all images defaults to the creator. For uses other than my own personal advertising and website, I will attempt to notify you of the usage and clear it with you before releasing the photos.