This post has no photos.

Why? Because I’m currently experiencing a hard drive failure on my main editing computer.

Don’t worry though! I’ve spent several thousand dollars on backup systems both on-site and off-site to keep your artwork safe.

And for the most part, everything you love is printed and on your walls.


Or did you leave something behind? Did you (either with the photos we took, or with your personal photos) tell yourself “Later.” It was too expensive now. You needed to wait.

What if I didn’t have backup systems? How much would it have cost you to lose, forever, the memories that we created?

Yet, so many people are at risk of this. They have pictures sitting on their hard drive, on their phone, on a disk in their drawer. They’ve never been printed, and they have rarely even been viewed.

There are some pretty precious photos on this computer that I’m used to seeing on my desktop and my first reaction to the crash was panic (before I remembered all my backups.) Lesson learned: I just sent through a bunch of photos to the printer a minute ago.

Please, whether it’s personal or professional, remember that printing your photos is the only way to be sure of them. It’s the best way to share them, by displaying them in your home. It’s the best way to revisit them, by putting them in an album or on your walls. Don’t let your memories die — either on my hard drive or on yours.